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Stormm Bradshaw

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Toronto, ON


Celebrity Pop Art Portraits, Nudes, Abstract, Ufos, Magic, Landscapes.

A collection of unique yet precise iconic pop art, improvised abstracts, magical beings and landscapes.

Stormm is a self taught artist who started drawing with pencil at age seven.

His teenage depictions of action heroes and comic book characters

were often displayed on school walls and presented during assemblies.

But in high school and college Stormm chose instead to major in Music, Theatre and Sports.

Ironically and educationally later working as a Model for many art schools and colleges,

before joining the Actor's union.

After ten years working as an Actor in TV, Film & Commercials,

composing, performing, recording and producing three albums of original music.

While recently writing, directing and acting in his own music videos,

Stormm rediscovered fine art.

In January 2013 as a new years resolution, he began painting with watercolor,

then switched in March to acrylic.

"It's like picking up right where you left off, he says,

with the added bonus of being more focused, and already proficient in several mediums."


Phone : 416-938-8047

Celebrity Pop Art Portraits - Nudes - Magic & Myth - Abstract.

A collection of unique iconic pop art, nudes, nude yoga, magical and mythological creatures, improvised abstractions.

Life's kinda funny. When I was seven years old I discovered I could draw anything.

I would save my bus fare and run to school in Kingston, Jamaica.

Buying comic books to read and then draw my favorite superheroes and villians,

usually in pencil or pen. In my mid teens sports and music took over,

I forgot about art for twenty years. Now it feels weird if I don't paint eight to ten hours daily.

I think it's the direct hit you get from creating and seeing the instant manifestation.

Where as in Music and Film, there's a whole host of stages from conception,

to planning and financing the actual recording, producing, editing, etc...

I paint my heroes, those people I find inspirational, unique individuals.

For fun and as a break from precision and disipline,

I also love doing improvised abstract painting.


Phone : 416 938 8047

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